Memoirs of a Pain Junkie...

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Memoirs of a Pain Junkie...

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LJ:Memoirs of a Pain Junkie 2000-2010
Memoirs of a Pain Junkie...
I am stopping by to visit to my old hood at LJ. I started it when I moved to Tampa in 2000 (@RhondaK got me addicted to it like crack) and wrapped it up after a decade later when I was staying in Tampa again to record. A complete full circle.

I contemplated deleting LJ last night but it is a digital memoir of the past decade including juicy band gossip and backstage stories with rare photos and posters.

I decided to archive it instead and leave it for friends/fans to dig up later.

Did we meet up on LJ?
Do you have a FB profile now?
If so please leave your new fb profile link in your comments below- let's keep in touch!

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I am
Robert Crane
on facebook
completelynewto facebook
by a couple weeks

I prefer Lj. If you in the seattle area and doing pro or personal antisocializing, let me know
I will buy a couple of rounds


I'll be sure to let you know when I visit/tour through Seattle again!

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