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Betty X

Memoirs of a Pain Junkie...

Memoirs of a Pain Junkie...
Memoirs of a Pain Junkie...

Professional Trouble Maker, Hell-Raiser and Asshole.

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Considering herself first and foremost a conceptual artist and performer rather than a singer, Betty X’s sardonic wit and unapologetic temperament is mirrored in both her music and her powerful stage performances. Her music has been described as everything from enigmatic and surreal to aggressive and hostile, with lyrics that are often cleverly disguised social commentary.

With a background in fine art, Betty got her start in music back in the 90's when she formed the sleazy and provocative art rock band, Salon Betty. As the years progressed, her music steadily grew darker, heavier and more politically-charged. In 1999, she formed her current self-titled solo project.

In recent years, Betty X has quickly become one of the most recognized names in conceptual art metal.

She is currently finishing up her second full-length studio album, Religious Reich.